Council Charter Review Committee

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and Columbus City Council Accepting Applicants

For Council Charter Review Committee

[COLUMBUS-OH] The time has arrived to review how to best serve the residents of America’s Opportunity City. Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and Councilmember Shannon G. Hardin are proud to announce the City is accepting applicants for the Council Charter Review Committee.

“As our city grows, the structure of City Council should be evaluated in a thoughtful, deliberate way to make sure it is meeting the needs of all of our residents,” said Mayor Ginther.

To serve on the Committee, candidates must submit a resume and a narrative of no more than 500 words describing why they want to be on the Committee. Application materials must be accepted and time-stamped by the office of the Columbus City Clerk located in City Hall, room 231, 90 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215 by Friday, August 26, at noon. Materials can be submitted by hard copy or emailed to

Only applications from Columbus residents who are not elected officials or City of Columbus employees will be considered.  All applications submitted will be considered public records once accepted to the clerk.

“This review will hear from neighborhoods, examine national best practices, and ultimately facilitate a citywide conversation so that all Columbus residents can have a say in the structure of their city council,” Councilmember Hardin. “This committee will be diverse, inclusive, transparent and, I hope, lead to meaningful change.”

Mayor Ginther and City Council will select members.  The Committee will study the structure of city government and identify opportunities for improvement.

The Committee will be selected by the end of August and begin work immediately. It will convene a minimum of seven public meetings beginning in September and make recommendations to Council by February of 2017. Any recommendations made by the Charter Review Committee to amend the Charter will require a vote of Council and the approval of Columbus voters.

For more information, visit

Indianola Road Diet Plan Keeps Forum Hopping

It’s been a full-time job today monitoring comments on the Clintonville Discussion Forum page.  The Commission really appreciates that the comments have maintained politeness (for the most part).  We encourage everyone who is able to attend tomorrow night’s meeting.  If you can’t (or even if you can) we also encourage everyone to read the blog that Will Koehler refers to in his comment on the forum.  It answers many questions and concerns that people have written about in the forum.


Development Tour Information Sheets

Development Tour, Kingsdale – Arlington Crossing Development Tour,

The Lane Development Tour,

The WindsorDevelopment Tour, The Lane

These files show the stops we made yesterday on our “Development Tour”.  Participants had some very good discussions on what we thought worked and what we thought didn’t work.  And, being residents of Clintonville, we did not always agree.  But it was fun and worthwhile.  Please let me know if the files did not upload.  I’m not sure what I’m seeing if quite correct.

Stinziano Office Hours for August


Columbus Metropolitan Library– Hilltop Branch
511 S. Hague Ave, Columbus, OH 43204


12:00-1:30pm (revised time)
Columbus Metropolitan Library– Shepard Branch
790 N. Nelson Rd, Columbus, OH 43219

Stauf’s— German Village
627 S. 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43206

Columbus Metropolitan Library– Southeast Branch
3980 S. Hamilton Road, Groveport, OH 43125

Panera Bread—North Campus
300 W. Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

For additional information contact:
Stephanie Megas

Short North Informational Meeting

You are cordially invited to an

open house for the community on the

High Street Improvements/Short North Phase 1:
Goodale Street to Convention Center Drive


August 23, 2016, 4 – 6 p.m.

Greater Columbus Convention Center

3 Convention Center Drive

Eisenman and Trott Rooms*


The city of Columbus is nearing completion on plans to improve the west side of High Street between Goodale Street and Convention Center Drive. The east side is currently being done in coordination with the Greater Columbus Convention Center.


The project on the west side is scheduled to finish design work in summer 2016. Public comments and suggestions are encouraged during the design phase. The planned improvements include:

·         Resurfacing and crosswalks

·         Sidewalks, curb ramps and curb extensions

·         Traffic signals and signage

·         Stormwater facilities and water lines

·         Street lights and trees

·         Bicycle sharrows and parking

·         Plus more improvements for safety and traffic movement


Representatives from the city of Columbus and designer Korda/Nemeth Engineering will be on-hand to answer questions in an open-house format; no formal presentation will be given. Exhibits illustrating roadway features and property impacts will be on display.


Questions regarding project information may be directed to City of Columbus Design Project Manager Richard Ortman, P.E., tel. (614) 645-5465.


Property owners with rental units:  Please share this invitation with tenants.


* Directions *

Enter convention center from semi-circular roadway that faces High Street and the Hilton. Turn left once inside the building and look for City of Columbus Public Meeting sign in front of escalators. Eisenman and Trott rooms are immediately to the right.


Invitation on city’s website:—Short-North-Phase-1,-open-house/

CAC Meeting Thursday, August 4

7:00 p.m.             Call to order by Chair & introduction of commissioners

7:05 p.m.             Consideration of prior meeting minutes – Commissioner Cull


7:10 p.m.             Community Update – Isom Nivins

7:15 p.m.            Code Enforcement – Matt Lewis

7:20 p.m.             Treasurer’s report – Commissioner Meek

7:25 p.m.             Zoning and Variance Committee Report – Acting Chair Steve Hardwick

7:50 p.m.             Planning & Development Report – Chair Andrew Overbeck or Justin                                     Goodwin

8:00 p.m.       Clintonville Neighborhood Plan Review Report – Justin Goodwin

8:10 p.m.            Committee Appointments and Approval – Commissioner Wetherholt


8:20 p.m.            Clintonville Resource Center – Cliff Wiltshire

8:25 p.m.            Clintonville Chamber of Commerce – Jenny Smith


8:30 p.m.            Results of Train Noise Meeting – Commissioner Vottero


8:35 p.m.            Technology Committee Report – Commissioner Wetherholt

8:40 p.m.             District Reports

8:50 p.m.             Public Comments


Upcoming Events:

August 6 :            Development Tour — Meet @ Whetstone Library – 8 am

August 9 :            Indianola Road Diet Meeting, 6-8 pm @ Clinton Hts. Lutheran Church

August 17:            Historic Building Committee Meeting

August 23:            Planning & Development Committee Meeting – 7 pm – Clinton Hts.                                     Lutheran Church

August 30:            Zoning & Variance Committee Meeting – 7:30 pm – Clinton Hts.                                                 Lutheran Church

September 1:   CAC Meeting – 7 pm – Whetstone Branch of Columbus Library

September 17: Don Scott Event

September 18: Clintonville Homes Tour – 1-6 pm




Zoning & Variance Meets Tonight – Aug. 2


Zoning & Variance Committee

Stephen Hardwick, Acting Chair

(614) 209-9508

Clinton Heights Lutheran Church Sanctuary

15 Clinton Heights Ave.

Columbus, OH 43202

*Enter Through South Door

August 2, 2016

I. Call to order

II. Next meeting August 30, 2016

III. Previous meetings’ minutes

IV. Announcements

V. 112 Glencoe Road: 3332.26 side years reduction from 5’ to 3’7”.

A. Applicant presentation

B. Questions/comment from the commissioner for the district

C. Questions/comment from the committee

D. Public questions/comment

VI. Olentangy Village, 2907 N. High St. and 2975-3011 Sunset Dr.: Variance, 3312.13,

driveway; 3312.25, maneuvering, 3312.16.29 parking space; 3312.49, striping and


A. Applicant presentation

B. Questions/comment from the commissioner for the district

C. Questions/comment from the committee

D. Public questions/comment

VII. Discussion on proposal to reduce or eliminate CAC involvement in minor garage height


A. Update from the acting chair

B. Questions/comment from the committee

C. Public questions/comment

VIII. Adjourn

Forum on Issue 1

A panel discussion between those wanting to divide Columbus into Wards and those that do not. Representatives from each side will discuss this issue, and answer questions submitted by audience members.
Panel Members invited are:
One Columbus (Against Issue 1):  James Ragland, Bryan Clark
Represent Columbus (For Issue 1):  Jonathan Beard, Whitney Smith
Crossroads Baptist Church
5075 Cleveland Ave.
(between Morse Road and SR 161)
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Program begins 7:00 PM
call (614) 383-VOTE (383-8683)
or visit

City of Columbus Division of Power Project

Columbus Department of Public Utilities will be upgrading an existing overhead distribution circuit from 7200 volts to 14,400 volts along Indianola Ave beginning in early August.  The business need for this is to provide better, more reliable service to our customers.  Project limits are along the east side of Indianola from Cliffside Dr. to Midgard Rd. and along the west side of Indianola from Midgard Rd. to Torrence Rd.

To perform this work, tree trimming will need to take place so that there is an unobstructed location for placing the facilities and to provide a safe work zone for the crews.  The project manager walked the project limits with a city arborist as part of the plan preparation.  The feedback was that, although some of the trimming may affect the aesthetics of the trees, there should be no permanent damage to the trees.

The general schedule is:

Early August– Tree trimming to accommodate a safe working zone for crews and to provide unobstructed space for facilities.

Late August – Set taller/new poles as needed.  Begin pulling new conductor.

September/October – Finish conductor work.

Tree trimming work will be done by a contractor – Asplundh.

Pole and conductor work will be completed by City of Columbus Division Of Power crews.

“No Parking” signs will be posted to provide a work space for Asplundh’s crews.  Any “No Parking” signs will be posted as needed to minimize any local street parking inconveniences.

Door hangers have been placed on all properties adjoining the project limits.  The door hanger contains the same general information as above.  The contact number provided for questions was 614.645.7627, which is our Division of Power Dispatch.