Welcome to the Clintonville Area Commission

“Committed to the undertaking of the preservation of the values of the community through promotion, implementation and recommendation to city officials.”

The CAC was empowered in 1974 by the Columbus City Charter to represent the Clintonville community in the discussion of community concerns. By City Code, the purpose of the CAC is to “…afford additional voluntary citizen participation in the decision making in an advisory capacity and to facilitate communications, understanding and cooperation between neighborhood groups, city officials and developers”.

Reaching out to all “Green Thumbs”

April 28th offers volunteer opportunities at Indianola Informal’s School Garden.

Seth Trance, local architect, Clintonville Resident and current president of USGBC Ohio – Central Region (Columbus area). reached out to share this information:
April 28th is the  Green Apple Day of Service project for Indianola Informal. As a local organization, USGBC Ohio has engaged Indianola for a service day on April 28th. The project details are provided on the Green Apple website and also donorschoose.org – As of today it appears the project is completely funded!
Here are the links –

Westerville Fallen Officer’s

We received a forwarded email from Officer Stacy of the CPD this afternoon. Specialty Gas House on Indianola is hosting a fundraiser lunch for the families of the slain Westerville Police Officers, Anthony Morelli and Officer Eric Joering. The lunch will run from 11 am to closing on Tuesday February 13th.

Specialty Gas house is located at 4500 Indianola Ave – They are open from 9-6 pm.

There is also a GoFundMe site being run by the Fraternal Order of Police if anyone would like to donate in that format.


At times like these we realize what a huge sacrifice is made by those who are called to be police officers. Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.


Road Warrior Watch

The commission has received several inquiries about dealing with snow on our residential streets.  Libby Wetherholt reached out to the Department of Public Services.  This is what we received.

I believe some of the confusion is that there are some roads in Clintonville that are Priority 2 and some that are Priority 3 roadways. Priority 3 roadways are plowed only. As I checked over in the Clintonville area this morning to take a look at a few features (the bumpouts on Glenmont, Canyon Drive guardrail and Fallis pothole condition) as it relates to winter so far it seems that the priority changes and the treatment approaches that accompany them have been a topic that hopefully with your help I can convey the rationale a bit better going forward. As these changes happened before I arrived to Columbus I may not have noticed initially the impact since it had not snowed very much my first season here. I would also mention that as we are getting this rain and swing in temperature the priority 3 roadways may begin to look a little sloppy over the weekend but it is going to wash away shortly.

Treatment types are basically as follows:

  • Priority 1 and 2: Plow, salt and/or liquid.
    • Based on condition these roadways could be treated using one or any combination of these methods.
  • Priority 3: Plow only
    • These roadways are plowed just above the pavement surface as to not expose ice that may lie underneath. This approach aids with traction, and reduces how much snow piles at drive aprons.

Many cities have gotten away from dropping plows directly on pavement since it damages the street and adds to the pothole problem. It is my understanding that the decision was made here in Columbus several years ago and I think many have the expectation that there is a quality of work issue when the results are by design. In snow & ice control the term is called “polishing the stone” which speaks to if you drop a plow directly on the hard packed snow you smooth it out, cause friction (heat) and then get refreeze. It was found many years ago to be more dangerous to plow to pavement than to even plow at all after multiple issues within residential roadways caused by that age old method. This is especially the case when you have temperature fluctuations like we have here in Central Ohio.

Post Office Information

Thank you to Jason Advani for sending this link.


The commission will continue to look into the matter.  The Consumer Affairs office phone number is:  513-684-5794

The Beechwold office phone number is:  614-447-0146

Press Release from Columbus City Schools

Media Alert

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Meeting Notice: Board of Education to Vote on List of Semifinalists for Superintendent/CEO

The Columbus Board of Education is set to take the next step in its thorough search process to find the next Superintendent/CEO of Columbus City Schools.

At a Special Meeting on Monday, the Board will vote on a shortened list of semifinalist candidates to lead Ohio’s largest school district.

Board of Education President Gary L. Baker, II, will ask his colleagues to officially advance the search process with three highly-qualified educational leaders: Dr. John Stanford, current Interim Superintendent of Columbus City Schools; David James, current Superintendent at Akron Public Schools; and Keith Bell, former Superintendent in Euclid City Schools and former deputy superintendent in Columbus City Schools.

Committed to finding the best candidate possible for this important leadership position in our community, the Board has been working closely with a national search firm to identify strong potential candidates.

Over the past three weeks, Board members formally interviewed several individuals, including the three semifinalists. Board members also had informal conversations with additional individuals, though none of those conversations resulted in any new applicants.

Following the public adoption of the list of semifinalists, the Board will conduct a second round of formal interviews with each of the three semifinalists, followed by a series of public engagement events to give District students and staff, families and community partners, and engaged stakeholders an opportunity to meet the final candidate(s).

No timetable has been set on a final selection. Details on the additional public engagement opportunities will be shared once they are scheduled.

The Columbus Board of Education will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, February 12, 2018, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Columbus Education Center, 270 East State Street, Columbus, OH 43215. The purpose of the meeting is to adopt the list of semifinalist candidates for the next Superintendent/CEO of Columbus City Schools. The Board will then enter into Executive Session per Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22 (G)(1) to consider the appointment and employment of a public employee or official.

Postal Irregularities

Libby Wetherholt, chair of the Clintonville Area Commission, spoke on February 1 at 1:15 pm to Tony at the Beechwold Post Office at 614-447-0146.  Libby expressed concern about late mail, no mail and postal thefts throughout the 43202 and 43214 delivery zones.


According to Tony, the best thing to do is to call the post office at 614-447-0146 and give your name and address, as well as the problem that you are having.  In the case of thefts, a customer instruction card can be filled out to change where the packages should be left.  Be sure to get the name of the person you speak to and keep a record of the time you called.


CAC is aware that there are many problems and that many of you have completed these steps before.  So, as soon as you call the post office, please also send the same information to Libby at:  libbywD3@gmail.com.  Libby will begin keeping a record of complaints.  If these complaints continue at the pace they seem to have lately, it may be time to get our US Senator and/or Representative involved.  (Much of Clintonville does not have a rep at this time.)


Another number that can be called is the Consumer Affairs Line at 513-684-5794.  That office is in Cincinnati, so its efficacy might be questionable.

Former Patrick J’s/White Castle site

Development plans in the works! Presentation to CAC on February 1st, 7 pm, Whetstone Library Meeting Room.


CAC Planning & Development Committee Meeting

A reminder this evening is the CAC Planning & Development Committee Meeting. Time to weigh in on future uses of UIRF funds. The meeting is at Clinton Heights Lutheran church (Clinton Hts & High St) at 7 pm.

This is a public meeting and all are welcome to attend.!