Zoning & Variance Meets Tonight – Aug. 2


Zoning & Variance Committee

Stephen Hardwick, Acting Chair


(614) 209-9508

Clinton Heights Lutheran Church Sanctuary

15 Clinton Heights Ave.

Columbus, OH 43202

*Enter Through South Door

August 2, 2016

I. Call to order

II. Next meeting August 30, 2016

III. Previous meetings’ minutes

IV. Announcements

V. 112 Glencoe Road: 3332.26 side years reduction from 5’ to 3’7”.

A. Applicant presentation

B. Questions/comment from the commissioner for the district

C. Questions/comment from the committee

D. Public questions/comment

VI. Olentangy Village, 2907 N. High St. and 2975-3011 Sunset Dr.: Variance, 3312.13,

driveway; 3312.25, maneuvering, 3312.16.29 parking space; 3312.49, striping and


A. Applicant presentation

B. Questions/comment from the commissioner for the district

C. Questions/comment from the committee

D. Public questions/comment

VII. Discussion on proposal to reduce or eliminate CAC involvement in minor garage height


A. Update from the acting chair

B. Questions/comment from the committee

C. Public questions/comment

VIII. Adjourn

Forum on Issue 1

A panel discussion between those wanting to divide Columbus into Wards and those that do not. Representatives from each side will discuss this issue, and answer questions submitted by audience members.
Panel Members invited are:
One Columbus (Against Issue 1):  James Ragland, Bryan Clark
Represent Columbus (For Issue 1):  Jonathan Beard, Whitney Smith
Crossroads Baptist Church
5075 Cleveland Ave.
(between Morse Road and SR 161)
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Program begins 7:00 PM
call (614) 383-VOTE (383-8683)
or visit www.franklincountyconsortium.com

City of Columbus Division of Power Project

Columbus Department of Public Utilities will be upgrading an existing overhead distribution circuit from 7200 volts to 14,400 volts along Indianola Ave beginning in early August.  The business need for this is to provide better, more reliable service to our customers.  Project limits are along the east side of Indianola from Cliffside Dr. to Midgard Rd. and along the west side of Indianola from Midgard Rd. to Torrence Rd.

To perform this work, tree trimming will need to take place so that there is an unobstructed location for placing the facilities and to provide a safe work zone for the crews.  The project manager walked the project limits with a city arborist as part of the plan preparation.  The feedback was that, although some of the trimming may affect the aesthetics of the trees, there should be no permanent damage to the trees.

The general schedule is:

Early August– Tree trimming to accommodate a safe working zone for crews and to provide unobstructed space for facilities.

Late August – Set taller/new poles as needed.  Begin pulling new conductor.

September/October – Finish conductor work.

Tree trimming work will be done by a contractor – Asplundh.

Pole and conductor work will be completed by City of Columbus Division Of Power crews.

“No Parking” signs will be posted to provide a work space for Asplundh’s crews.  Any “No Parking” signs will be posted as needed to minimize any local street parking inconveniences.

Door hangers have been placed on all properties adjoining the project limits.  The door hanger contains the same general information as above.  The contact number provided for questions was 614.645.7627, which is our Division of Power Dispatch.



Commission Recruiting New Members for Committees

June 27, 2016
Contact: Libby Wetherholt—614.267.4998
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—(Columbus, Ohio). The Clintonville Area
Commission is recruiting new members for its committees for the 2016-2017
term. The Commission has four standing committees: Planning & Development,
Zoning & Variance, Historic Buildings Preservation, and Election. Information
regarding the standing committees is set forth in the Commission’s bylaws, which
are available at http://www.clintonvilleareacommission.org/?p=268. The
commission also, at this time, has one special committee, the Technology
Committee. Members of the committees are volunteers and serve 1-year terms,
beginning the first Thursday of August.

Clintonville residents interested in joining one of the Commission’s committees
may submit a letter of interest via email to
commissioners@clintonvilleareacommission.org by 5 pm on Monday, July 18.
The letter should include: mailing address, phone contact information, the
specific committee(s) of interest, as well as a brief statement regarding your
background or reason for interest in the committees. Resumes are not
necessary but may be submitted.

About the Clintonville Area Commission.. The Clintonville Area Commission was
empowered in 1974 by the Columbus City Charter to represent the Clintonville
community in the discussion of community cocerns. By City code, the purpose of
the Commission is to “…afford additional voluntary citizen participation in the
decision making in an advisory capacity and to facilitate communications,
understanding and cooperation between neighborhood groups, city officials and

Dana Bagwell Resigns From Z&V Chair

Dana Bagwell announced via email today that she is resigning from her position as chair of the Zoning and Variance Committee effective immediately. Current CAC Chairman, Kris Keller, is appointing long term Z&V member Stephen Hardwick as Acting Chair of the committee.  Hardwick will serve at least until August.  A new Z&V Chairperson for the 2016-2017 year will be nominated at the  8/4 CAC meeting by the new CAC Chair who will be elected at the 7/7 CAC meeting.

Special June 23 CAC Meeting

Please note that there will be a special meeting of the Clintonville Area Commission on Thursday June 23rd at 7:00 pm at the Clinton Heights Lutheran Church.  The agenda for the meeting will be a discussion about officers and committee chairs for the 2016-2017 commission. This is an exploratory meeting only. No other business will be considered at this meeting and no final votes will be taken regarding these positions. The final votes on these positions will take place at the regular meeting on July 7th.  This meeting is open to the public.