Check Out These Street Lights!

The Columbus Division of Power is working to improve neighborhoods by providing high quality, energy efficient street lights.  That is why the division is beginning a pilot project that will lead to new streetlight design standards for the entire city.

Streetlights along Northridge Road between Indianola Avenue and Granden Road have been replaced with a new generation of LED correlated color temperature (CCT) lights.  CCT uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale to describe the relative color appearance of a light source indicating whether it appears more yellow/gold (3,000 Kelvin) or more white (4,000 Kelvin).

In an effort to finalize the LED streetlight design standards for Columbus, the city has installed both 3,000 Kelvin and 4,000 Kelvin LED streetlights for public review.  Lights are labeled “3K” and “4K” towards the top of the pole, right under the fixture. The lights are on from sundown to sunrise.

Comments regarding color temperature preference from all interested stakeholders, even those who do not live in the immediate area, including residents, area commissioners, developers, architects, electrical contractors and other providers will be accepted until 4 PM, Monday, November 23, 2016.  Please submit written comments via email to or mail-in comments to Danny Jones, Streetlight Engineering Manager, Division of Power, 3500 Indianola Ave., Columbus, OH 43214.

For more information contact John Ivanic, Assistant Director, Public Utilities Department, 614-645-6798 or


Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Coming to Alum Creek Drive

The City of Columbus is rolling out a pedestrian-activated warning device on Alum Creek Drive at Hanford Village Park between Main Street and Livingston Avenue on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016.

Pedestrian hybrid beacons are flashing, red lights located on mast arms over mid-block pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians push a button to activate the beacons. Drivers must then stop to allow pedestrians to cross. The project is intended to make crossing heavily driven, arterial streets safer and easier for pedestrians. The new equipment will be in flashing mode for seven days starting Oct. 25 then placed in permanent, operational mode Tuesday, Nov. 1.

What benefits are provided by a pedestrian hybrid beacon?

  • Mid-block locations account for more than 70 percent of pedestrian fatalities, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Pedestrians can more safely and easily cross the street at marked crosswalks by alerting and controlling drivers with a beacon warning system.
  • The beacon includes a flashing, red stop light to motorists approaching the crosswalk.

Additional pedestrian hybrid beacons are expected to be installed at different locations in the future.

A short video produced by the Ohio Department of Transportation shows a pedestrian hybrid beacon in action:


Charter Review Committe

Charter Review Committee


Thursday, October 27


Tuttle Community Recreation Center
240 W. Oakland Ave.

The meeting will cover the size of Columbus City Council and review of successful peer cities.

Those wishing to address the committee are encouraged to submit their request to speak by giving their name, address and any organizations they may represent in the body of the e-mail or via the online form at

Speakers will be given 5 minutes to speak and are asked to submit a written copy of their remarks so that the committee members may have a copy in hand for the meeting.  If speakers are unable to attach a copy of their remarks ahead of time, they are asked to bring 14 copies of their remarks to be shared with the committee and staff.

Speakers will be allowed to submit speaker slips on-site, on the day of meetings up to 5:30pm. Speakers will be asked to give their name, address and any organizations they may represent, and will be given 3 minutes to speak. Speakers and the topic of their remarks will be noted in the minutes of the meeting.

Councilmember Stinziano’s October Neighborhood Meetings

Councilman Stinziano’s Neighborhood Meetings for October:
Tim Hortons— McCutcheon and Stelzer 2845 Stelzer Rd, Columbus, OH 43219
Columbus Metropolitan Library– Hilltop 511 S Hague Ave, Columbus, OH 43204
Columbus Metropolitan Library– Parsons 1113 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206
Our Helpers Center– Morse Centre 4576 Morse Centre Rd, Columbus, OH 43229
Columbus Metropolitan Library– Livingston 3434 Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43227

CAC Agenda 10.6.2016

Here is a draft of the agenda for next week’s CAC meeting.

Clintonville Area Commission Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 6, 2016, 7-9 pm

Whetstone Library Community Meeting Room

(all times are approximate and subject to change)

7:00 p.m. Call to order by Chair & introduction of commissioners

7:03 p.m. Consideration of prior meeting minutes – Commissioner Cull


7:05 p.m.            Columbus City Schools – Dr. Good

? COTA Levy –

? Age Friendly Columbus – Commissioner Wetherholt


7:25 p.m.             Community Update – Isom Nivins

7:30 p.m.             Treasurer’s report – Commissioner Meek

7:35 p.m.             Zoning and Variance Committee Report – Chair Steve Hardwick

377 Springs Drive: House Demolition Permit

4059 Glenmont Place: Garage/Porch:

3332.27: To reduce rear yard from 25% to 18% of the total lot for an accessory building.

4597 Olentangy Blvd.: Garage:

1) 3332.38(G), to increase garage height from 15’ to 22’;

2) 3332.26, side yard variance from 3’ to 1’; 3) 3332.38(F), to increase the permitted square                                          footage of the garage from 720 sq. ft. to 726 sq. ft.

86 Montrose Way, Garage:

3332.35, to “permit habitable space above a detached garage that is not ordinarily appurtenant                                      thereto.”

118 East North Broadway, multiple:

1) 3332.38(G), Height variance for garage from 15’ to 24’2”;

2) 3332.38(I), habitable space in detached garage;

3) 3332.26, side yard variance on east side from ?5’ to 3’;

4) 3332.26, side yard variance on west side from ?5’ to 3’; and

5) ???? to allow for a 12’ x 24’ accessory building (greenhouse).

8:35 p.m.            Tech Committee – Chair Libby Wetherholt

8:45 p.m.                         Public Comments

8:55 p.m.                         ADJOURN


Upcoming Events:

October 11:             Age-Friendly Columbus Focus Group, 12 Noon-2 pm

October 25:             CAC Planning & Development Committee, 7 pm, Clinton Heights Lutheran Church

Nov. 1:             Next CAC Zoning & Variance Meeting, 7:30 pm, Clinton Heights Lutheran Church

Nov. 3:             Next Clintonville Area Commission Meeting, 7:00, Whetstone Library

Nov. 5:             Fall Bazaar at Clintonville Woman’s Club

Proposed Changes to the Columbus Zoning Code



Department of Building and Zoning Services is reaching out to solicit public input on several proposed changes to the Columbus Zoning Code.

The first proposed code change will prohibit extended stay hotels on properties that are zoned in the M, Manufacturing District.

The second proposed code change comes at the request of the City Attorney’s office.  It will codify the Ohio Supreme Court’s prescribed legal standards to be employed by the Board of Zoning Adjustment and the Graphics Commission in their consideration of variance requests.

Attached is the full draft of both proposed code changes for your review and comment. Please send all questions and comments to Paul Freedman directly at or .  These proposed code changes will be scheduled for discussion and a recommendation by the Columbus Development Commission on October 13 and then they will be submitted to City Council.

We value your input on these proposed code changes and look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you very much.

Plastic Bag Recycling News


You may remember that, about a year ago, CAC adopted a resolution encouraging the City of Columbus to limit the use of plastic bags.  The information below describes the program that has been developed in response to that resolution.

Project Background

Every year, Ohioans throw away millions of plastic bags which end up in landfills.

In 2015, SWACO,  the city of Columbus and various retailers began a community conversation to explore how best to address the improper disposal of plastics bags in Franklin County. As the result of more than twelve months of work, in 2016, the partners developed and launched ‘Bring Me Back’ – an educational program to encourage residents to return their plastic bags to collection bins at local retailers and use reusable shopping bags, when possible. The program also reminds residents not to curbside recycling their bags, as many recyclers don’t accept them and the bags can disrupt the recycling process.

Community event organizers and local retailers in Franklin County are encouraged to join the awareness campaign. Simply download the program materials available at:, add your logo and begin distributing the information at public events and meetings.