Committee Descriptions


The Election Committee shall conduct the CAC elections pursuant to the CAC election
rules and shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the
CAC election rules.

Planning and Development

The committee will explore what Federal, State, and local funds may be available to
implement plans in the Clintonville area. The committee will provide arenas for
interested parties and the general population to participate and discuss all such
issues affecting Clintonville. The committee will work pro-actively with other
community based organizations to forward the development and promotion of Clintonville
in a manner consistent with the Commission’s mission statement.

Zoning and Variance

The committee shall regularly receive, review and make recommendations on all
applications for rezoning, variances, graphics and other zoning adjustment appeals and
special permits located wholly or partially in the Clintonville area.

Historic Buildings

The committee will pursue a process to catalogue buildings in Clintonville, with an emphasis

on all buildings along High Street and Indianola Avenue.  The purpose of having an up-to‐date

database for historic buildings in the CAC districts is to provide a basic understanding of which

properties are deemed architecturally or historically significant.

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