Neighborhood Update

Four Topics

1. Project Blueprint
I’ve been touch with our area Project BluePrint contact Leslie Westervelt for updates to the Project Blueprint process. Leslie and the project Blueprint staff did the presentation at the Clintonville Women’s Club on August 3rd.

Here is a basic outline of how Project BluePrint plans to handle the next design phase in Clintonville which includes sections of District 3 & 4:

a. Design Review Meeting #1: There will be a design review when the project design phase is 30% complete. This review will likely be held in January or early 2018. Residents will receive notice via door hangers and/or mail from the Department of Public Utilities. The meeting will be a plan review likely held at Whetstone Park or at an area church. The previous phase of Project Blueprint had one advance meeting at the 60% stage of design completion.

b. Design Review Meeting #2: There will be an additional design review when the project design phase is 60% complete. Notification will be given in a similar manner.

c. Objections: It has not yet been determined that rain gardens are to be part of the run-off solution to our part of the neighborhood. If you are vehemently opposed to having a rain garden in the tree lawn or right of way contiguous to your property please contact Leslie Westervelt and provide her with your name and street address. There is no guarantee that this action would prevent an unwanted rain garden but the landscape designers are open to making adjustments whenever possible.

d. Contact: Leslie Westerfelt’s contact information is:
Direct: 614.645.5970
Cell: 614.674.1258
Fax: 614.724.0144

When I become aware of meetings/ information they will be posted on the CAC Facebook page and at
Meetings have been posted in the past and we will continue to post them in the future, we can’t make you read stuff, but we will post anyway

2. E Dunedin Rd- Parking & Traffic Situation
Earlier this summer I (Judy Minister, Disctrict 4) did a neighborhood survey that was sent to our city liaison. The department was in transition and action was not taken on this item. We have a new city liaison, I made contact with him on October 5th. He followed up with an email today. He will review the survey with appropriate departments. Hoping to reach a workable solution.

3. CPD Sargent Smith Memorial
We discussed possible locations for a memorial tree and/or garden for officer Steven Smith. Some suggested locations were: WNB Memory Lane, Como Park & the Colerain median areas. The topic was sent for input to the CAC Planning and Development Committee.

4. Medical Marijuana
In November applications for site specific Medical Marijuana dispensaries are due. There will be five dispensaries in Franklin County. One location specific inquiry was made for a space across from Graceland Shopping Center. The locations must be at least 500 ft from a school, park, church or addiction treatment facility. CAC has no input on this matter, however we were notified by the applicant that his location met the criteria.

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