Medical Marijuana

CAC chair, Libby Wetherholt, received a call this morning from a group that is planning a medical marijuana dispensary in a store front on the east side of High Street, north of Morse Rd across from Graceland Shopping Center. They stated they will be sending her their documents today.

The group noted they have already been “approved” by the City of Columbus. Libby has contacted Sandra Lopez, Legislative Analyst, with the city to find out if CAC has any role in the process or if we are simply notified. We hope to have more information today and will discuss at the CAC meeting this evening.

Other details: Dispensary locations would have to comply with the state code and be 500 feet from a school, church, park or addiction treatment centers and nowhere near a Church, school or park.
Dispensaries will be highly regulated with very tight security as required by state law and will cater to those who have doctor’s recommendations for one of 22 state of Ohio approved medical conditions

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