Rain Garden Update from the city of Columbus

Rain Garden Update from the city of Columbus. Department of Public Utilites
· Completing final closeout items.
· Bumpouts on Glenmont will have additional plantings added in the spring.
· We are currently coordinating with DPS to identify a different solution for the white reflective delineators that have been installed (have received several comments from residents on that street). We are working to strike a balance between safety requirements and aesthetics.
· Fence barrier around the large basin at Glenmont Place will be installed in the next few weeks.

· Rain gardens that have been installed on Village, Fairlawn, Springs, and Colerain will be planted within the next two weeks.
· Current work is waterline work on Fairoaks, then the crew will continue to move up towards Indianola (street by street).

· Pre-construction meeting was 9/28, schedule is pending final approval.
· They will begin work on Fallis to avoid conflicts with a DPS repaving project.
· Rain garden excavation for all streets in this area will occur next summer, to closer align with the fall planting season. Work prior will be utility work, pipe installations, etc.

Morse-Dominion & Overbrook Chatham:
· Pre-construction meetings are 9/28 and 9/29, final schedules will likely be approved over the next two weeks.
· All residents in these areas (and Blenheim-Glencoe) will receive a 1-week notice of construction and a 48-hour notice (door hangers) will be provided to homes directly impacted by construction.

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