West Nile- Mosquito Spray

There were three separate positive mosquito pools for West Nile Virus (WNV) collected from traps at Morse Road, Colerain Elementary, and Como Avenue. The mosquito pool tested from the Como Ave. location was confirmed WNV+ by the Ohio Department of Health.  The mosquito pools tested from the Morse Road and Colerain Elementary locations were confirmed WNV+, by our staff on August 10th.  Due to these positive West Nile Virus mosquito pools, our Vector Control Program will be spraying in Clintonville on Wednesday, August 16th and Thursday, August 17th  from 3:30 am-6:30 am.

The boundaries for the two sprays on August 16th are as follows:

Beechwold Blvd. to the North

Cooke Road to the South

Indianola Ave. to the East

Foster St. and Sellers Ave. to the West


North Broadway to the North

Weber Road to the South

High Street and Broadway Pl. to the East

Riverside Dr. to the West



The boundaries for August 17th spray are as follows:


Chase Road to the North

Morse Road to the South

Indianola Ave. to the East

The Olentangy River and Graceland to the West


A press release and spray map was issued Tuesday, August 15th it is attached here and the link to the on-line spray map is attached to that. At this moment all requests to opt out of mosquito spraying will be honored that have already been filed.


The positive West Nile Virus pools do serve as a reminder for us to continue protecting ourselves from mosquito bites and to eliminate stagnant water from our properties including places such as gutters, rain barrels, and bird baths. One can also protect themselves from mosquito bites by using insect repellents and by minimizing their time spent outside during the late evening and early morning hours. Please let Ryan Younge, RS, the Vector Control Program Manager, know if you would like to discuss in further detail our mosquito reduction activities planned in Clintonville this week. His e-mail address is rtyounge@columbus.gov and his phone number is 614.645.6153.


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