Brief Overview of July 6th, 2017 CAC meeting notes

Here is a brief update of the July CAC meeting:

A SWACO representative did a presentation with an overview of the program. SWACO is looking for a new drop off location close to Clintonville since the location adjacent to the Weilands parking lot has been removed. They have a possibility near Morse and Indianola- TBD. Illegal dumping has been an increasing problem. Therefore all Columbus School drop off locations are now for school use only.

Indianola Road Diet- Matt Lorenz from the city of Columbus was there to field questions. The project which started with a UIRF grant will be coupled with city funds to resurface all of Indianola from Oakland Park to Morse, including replacement of any damaged curbs and any damaged storm sewer entry points. The sidewalk phase from Garden to Morse Rd will not begin until 2019.

Ohio Health- Quite a huge project- beginning in September. We will be left with two exits from 315 N to WNB and a couple more traffic lights to get home. Many commission & public questions about access to the river from the west and possible Olentangy trail partial relocation, bridge etc, This was is not part of the existing plan, cost constraints were sited

Cranbook neighbors- Neighbors from Cranbrook attended the meeting to ask for UIRF support for rebuilding a bridge that connects the two parts of their neighborhood. We voted to support them.

Our long time city liaison Isom Nivens is retiring. Isom was a rock to our group ever attentive to concerns and quick to provide guidance and advice to us all. He will be missed.

If any neighbors have interest in volunteering to serve on a CAC subcommittee please send a letter of interest and a resume. Committees are: Election, Planning & Development, Historic Buildings, Zoning & Variance, Technology & PR.


  1. Any public comment about the appropriation of the upper and east side of the middle Whetstone Park fields by NCIL for their outfield fencing and signage? More than just baseball/softball/t-ball leagues *used* to use those fields. Why was there no public announcement that the fields would be fenced off?

    • Hi Russ (this is Judy M) I can’t say that CAC had any large amount of advance notice (about 30 days) I believe it had been a wish for decades of those within the community with softball playing kids that the fields be improved. 25 years ago when my boys played ball we switched to the northwest columbus league because the fields at Whetstone were so unimproved and poorly maintained. About a month before the fields were fenced off a NCIL rep came to the CAC meeting to make the announcement. The commissioners were supportive, of 30 or so neighbors in attendance one objected. Wondering what other purpose were the fields used for?

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