Final Agenda for June 1 CAC Meeting

Clintonville Area Commission Meeting Agenda

Thursday, June 1, 2017, 7-9 pm

Whetstone Library Community Meeting Room

7:00 p.m.             Call to order by Chair & introduction of commissioners

7:01 p.m            Call for Special Meeting, June 15, 7 p.m. Whetstone Branch of                                                 Columbus Metropolitan Library

7:03 p.m.             Consideration of prior meeting minutes – Commissioner Cull


7:05 p.m.             Community Update — Isom Nivins

7:15 p.m.             Treasurer’s report — Commissioner Meek

7:18 p.m.            Election Committee – Commissioner Allwein

7:22 p.m.            Historic Building Committee – Commissioner Kuhel

7:30 p.m.            Dialogue with Council Member Elizabeth Brown

7:45 p.m.            Zoning & Variance – Chair Stephen Hardwick


  • 420 E. Beaumont:
  • Reduce minimum side yard from 5′ to 3.7′, 3332.26;
  • Reduce total side yard from 12’ to 9.5′, 3332.25.
  • 4615 N. High St.:
  • Reduce building width from 60′ to 39′, 3372.605(B);
  • Reduce sight triangle from 10′ to 5′, 3321.05(z).

8:00 p.m.               4217 N. High Street – Jon Stevenson, representative for High                                                             Deland II, LLC


 8:10 p.m.            Request for Quiet Zone Process – Commissioner Vottero

8:15 p.m.            Discussion on Sponsorship of Medians – Commissioner Wetherholt

8:25 p.m.            Discussion of Indianola Road Diet


8:30 p.m.            Car2Go – Chet Ridenour

8:40 p.m.            Presentation on 4004 N. High Street – Tom and Amy Herrington

8:45 p.m.             Salute to Outgoing Commissioners, D Searcy and Nancy Kuhel

8:55 p.m.                         ADJOURN



  1. Elizabeth Ellis

    I was wondering if the Commission ever considered a memorial for Steven Smith, the policeman who died in a shoot out in Clintonville approximately a year ago. I’ve meant for a long time to bring this up. I live 2 blocks from where the incident occurred and on that day, all I could think of was the danger to the people living all around there. It only seems appropriate the community acknowledge the officer in some way. I thought maybe a tree planted in Park of Roses or one of the areas along the bike path with a plaque? I love the idea of a tree because it would provide shelter and would seem appropriate for the “feel” of the community. Another possibility may be naming the gym at Whetstone after him?? Anyway, it’s a thought to consider.

    • Thanks for the good ideas- we did a first responders day in his honor in April of this year. I like the idea of a tree or some kind of physical memorial. I will mention it to the others in the group.

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